If you are planning on going on a cruise, then why not come along to Dance Academy 1 and learn how to dance….. that way you won’t feel you are missing out when there’s dancing on your cruise and better than that you can impress everyone else when you get up and take to the floor!

You will be able to enjoy all the social dancing that’s offered on board the ship. You may surprise yourselves how much fun it can be! Dancing is a social activity and provides good exercise as well. You can meet lots of other people who enjoy dancing before you even go on your cruise when you join one of our classes or you can take private lessons (or both).

You may want to learn just a selection of dances in Ballroom such as the waltz, social foxtrot & quickstep and in Latin American the cha cha cha, party samba and jive/rock’n’roll.

Lessons can be fitted in to suit your lifestyle we can offer either a private lesson of 30 minutes or an hour whichever you feel suits you the best, or you can come to a group lesson or have a mixture of both.

Once you have learnt to dance or brush up on your existing dancing skills you can make the most your cruise, you can have fun, it’s a great way of relaxing and getting fit. It will also get you in that holiday spirit and ready for that wonderful cruise!

Just call me, Lawrance, on 07976 869178 to arrange your next dancing step now!